Accreditation Mechanism

Accreditation Provision

Accreditation in Cambodia, as stated in the RDC, focuses on an institutional level. All HEIs which grant degrees are subject to the assessment and accreditation. In order to obtain the accreditation, each HEI is subject to the evaluation of its management system, academic quality and curriculums. Only accredited HEIs are eligible to confer Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees.

The provision of accreditation for all HEIs is either provisional accreditation or full accreditation. Provisional accreditation is subject to ACC’s approval and is provided to all existing HEIs that have met key standards and have an explicit plan to achieve the prescribed standards set by ACC. In principle, after three years of holding provisional accreditation status, the HEIs shall apply for accreditation in accordance with the required standards. The HEIs with provisional accreditation can retain their current name. The HEIs with provisional accreditation must report annually to the ACC on their progress. Full accreditation is provided to any HEI which meets the minimum standards required by ACC with the mandate of five years.

Academic quality assurance is defined as an institution that is able to demonstrate that its quality standards are maintained and continuously improved.  Quality assurance in the Kingdom of Cambodia is centered on both internal and external evaluative aspects. the Internal evaluation is an academic quality assurance process by which each HEI regularly reviews its quality performance on teaching-learning activities in order to ensure that the prescribed objectives are fulfilled. The External evaluation involves reporting by HEIs on their progress in regard to goal achievement and areas for improvement identified in the assessment to the ACC.