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Accreditation Committee of Cambodia Secretary General Email: Department of General Affair Mr. Ly Vuthy Director and Head of Department Email: generalaffair@acc.govkh Department of Information and Cooperation Dr. Peou Piseth Deputy Director and Head of Department Email: Department of Planing Research & Training

News & Events

Outcome and Future Plan

Since the date of its establishment, the ACC has been operating and fulfilling its duties despite the lack of both human resources and financial supports. The ACC has developed a number of legislative policies such as Credit System, Credit Transfer,

Accreditation Mechanism

Accreditation Provision Accreditation in Cambodia, as stated in the RDC, focuses on an institutional level. All HEIs which grant degrees are subject to the assessment and accreditation. In order to obtain the accreditation, each HEI is subject to the evaluation

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure of Accreditation Committee of Cambodia ACC Board Advisers Secretariat General Technical Assistants External Assessors Department of General Affair Department of Information and Cooperation Department of Planing Research & Training Department of Standard & Accreditation Department of Post Graduate Program

Governance and Functions

Governance The ACC is functioning through its Board and Secretariat. The Board is the policy making body while the Secretariat is the executive one of the ACC. The ACC Board has 7 members and serve their term for 3 years.

Our Background

Higher education system in Cambodia was established in the 1940s, significantly developed in the 1960s, and experienced a decline in the 1970s due to the chronic civil war. The system was completely destroyed by the Democratic Kampuchea regime from 1975

Value and Strategies

Value The ACC promotes its core values among higher education institutions as follows: ¨ Contributing to national development, ¨ Strengthening global competencies of Cambodian graduates, ¨ Ensuring a fair and fine-tuned quality judgment for all higher education institutions operating in Cambodia. Strategies Strategy

Vision and Mission

Vision To be a national accreditation agency with trustworthy and high competencies in administering accreditation of higher education and to be recognized internationally. Mission Our mission is: ¨ To professionally administer the assessment and accreditation of  higher education institutions conferring degree

Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman The Royal Government has set out a comprehensive strategy on education, as stipulated in the Education Sector Support Program for 2001-2005. The strategy aims to enhance the quality of education that is imperative dimension to instill

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