Value and Strategies


The ACC promotes its core values among higher education institutions as follows:

¨ Contributing to national development,

¨ Strengthening global competencies of Cambodian graduates,

¨ Ensuring a fair and fine-tuned quality judgment for all higher education institutions operating in Cambodia.


Strategy 1: To promote awareness and knowledge on QA and accreditation to stakeholders.

Strategy 2: To strengthen the capacities and ensure the effectiveness of the management system of external assessors.

Strategy 3: To build the capacities of the ACC Secretariat’s staff in relation to the effective administration of accreditation process.

Strategy 4: To ensure and enhance the quality of education to align with the predetermined standards.

Strategy 5: To develop information management system and strengthen the management of accreditation information.

Strategy 6: To promote and expand the national and international cooperation.

Strategy 7: To ensure the effectiveness in the management of physical facilities and finance.

Strategy 8: To continue developing standards and indicators to be consistent with the higher education context in the country and international communities of higher education.

Strategy 9: To promote research activities and publications in the ACC Secretariat for the strengthening of quality of education.