Governance and Functions


The ACC is functioning through its Board and Secretariat. The Board is the policy making body while the Secretariat is the executive one of the ACC. The ACC Board has 7 members and serve their term for 3 years. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister in charge of the Council of Ministers is the Chairperson of the Board. The Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General of the ACC are its academic and administrative key individuals. The ACC also has various advisory, consultative and technical bodies to ensure that its practices are effective. The ACC has core staff to carry out its activities with the assistance from a number of external persons who are not full time staff of the ACC.


ACC has the following roles and duties:

¨ Establishes accreditation policies and measures to assure academic quality of all HEIs in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

¨ Determines the accreditation status of HEIs.

¨ Approves curriculums for the Foundation Course for first-year university students in HEIs.

¨ Maintains records of institutional and program evaluation and quality assurance activities of each HEI.

¨ Conducts evaluations on the basis of visits to the HEIs

¨ Cooperates with other national and international institutions involving accreditation and academic quality assurance.

¨ Secures proper participation of stakeholders concerned with the outcomes of each academic institutions that applies for accreditation, e.g. concerned Ministries, professional associations, etc.

¨ Disseminates the results and the ACC findings in relation to accreditation to the public.

The General Secretariat of the ACC has mission to implement all the work of the ACC. Herein the mission, the General Secretariat bears the following responsibilities:

¨ Prepares accreditation policies and takes any necessary actions to ensure existence of accreditation.

¨ Establishes and improves the minimum standards for accreditation of higher education.

¨ Surveys, controls and evaluates management systems and curriculum of each Institution.

¨ Proposes the recognition of the quality of higher education Institutions to the ACC Board for giving final decision in accordance with procedures.

¨ Proposes the approval of curricula of the Foundation Year Program of each HEI in order to get final decision according to the procedure.

¨ Coordinates and cooperates with relevant institutions, agencies, local and international organizations and private institutions involving educational affairs at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels.

¨ Makes recommendations for quality improvement of HEIs  to the ACC for final decision according to the procedure.

¨ Conducts needs analysis involving human resource development in order to improve the minimum standards for accreditation in Cambodia.

¨ assures all the stakeholders that the results of accreditation of each institution are accurate.

¨ Publicizes the results of the accreditation.

¨ Makes reports on activities and the results of General Secretariat’s work to the ACC on a regular basis.

¨ is responsible for other work which help to achieve the ACC Mission as stated in Royal Decree no. NS/RKT/0303/129 dated 31 March 2003 on Accreditation.